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Rob Harrison, known world-wide as “The Tumbling Bear,” a stunt and aerobatics airshow professional, currently flying local airshows in his red, white and blue Zlin 142C, a Czech Republic military trainer airplane.


Rob started flying with his Dad, a career Naval officer, at the age of six. By age 13, he was doing aerobatics. Now at 75, he’s been a marquee airshow attraction for nearly 25 years flying the bright yellow Zlin 50 “The Tumbling Bear.” He retired after 28 years with the United States Forest Service as Aviation Program Leader. Rob worked on the development of fire fighting tankers and helicopter systems still used today. Currently, as a Designated Engineer Representative (DER), he approves aircraft structural designs.


Rob earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University, and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of La Verne. He’s done graduate work at UCLA; and attended U.S. Navy Test Pilot School. He added a certificate in flight test engineering from the University of Tennessee Space Institute and an FAA Statement of Aerobatic Competency, which allows him to fly aerobatics in waivered airspace. Harrison traveled to the Czech Republic, graduated from the Zlin Air School’s advanced aerobatics school. He is known world-wide as one of the few Zlin airshow pilots.


You may have seen Rob flying on the TV series “The Moment” with Kurt Warner on USA TV which was filmed at Apple Valley Airport. A perfect fit for Rob, because he always encourages kids of all ages that if they study and work hard, they can do anything they want to.


Rob and his wife Susan, also a pilot, maintain three airplanes based out of Cable Airport in Upland, CA. They reside full-time in Southern California’s mountain resort community of Lake Arrowhead, along with Airport Cat.

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