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Pilot: Steve Stavrokakis | Aircraft: IAR 823

Steve earned worldwide notoriety and the nickname “Wild Thing” with his European Extreme style of flying learned while training with the Czech National Aerobatic Team.  His trademark Lomcevoks and seemingly out-of-control tumbles were known far and wide. He also wowed U.S. crowds with his very moving “Tribute to the American Vet” airshow performance which he still flies today.


Along with all of his in-air antics, Steve was summoned to the announcing stand to share his knowledge, and a second career was launched! Steve’s ability to transpose ground-bound airshow fans into the cockpits with their favorite aerial performers made him an instant hit!


Built in Romania by the IAR factory which stands for Industrial Aeronautica of Romania (Industry of Aeronautics) *this company also made the famous IAR-40, a very tough and famous WWII fighter.


This aircraft was built in 1976 for and owned by the Romanian Military where it was used a a Rocket Training Platform at the military airfield in Brasov, Romania. Steve purchased it as/is  where/is, sight unseen. He had it and it's sister-ship disassembled,

 crated in an overseas container and shipped to Turlock Municipal Airport where Steve completely  inspected, overhauled and  rebuilt both aircraft.

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