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Just In Time Skydivers

Just In Time Skydivers Team
Just In Time Skydivers Patriotic Jump
Just In Time Skydivers Free Fall Formation

Starting in 1967 on the east coast based out of Lakewood, New Jersey the team jumped round parachutes into airs hows  and other special events.


Moving to the west coast in 1970 they now operate out of Lake Elsinore, California.  Through the years they have jumped into places like the Dodger Stadium, Santa Anita Racetrack, the Queen Mary, the Rose Bowl, and the bottom of the Grand Canyon!


The team's latest trip abroad was August of 96 when they jumped into the closing ceremonies of the WORLD AEROBATIC CHAMPIONSHIPS in Debrasen, Hungary where they jumped from AN-2's, the old workhorse bi-plane from Russia.


More recently 20 of them jumped from a DC-3 into the Phoenix 500 Air Races where freefall footage of their jumps was played back instantaneously on 50 x 50 foot Jumbotron Screens.


They jump with as many as thirty parachutists.  The core group of four is headed by Rich Piccirilli and Lynn Fogleman.  The team free-fall photographer is Kent Gifford whose father filmed the movie GYPSY MOTHS back in the 1970's.

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